Monday, April 23, 2007

Artist Statement

As an artist I explore human emotion through sculptural forms, utilizing the expressive material of clay. The stylized figures I construct convey an emotional impact through the elaboration of body language, thus illustrating different mental states and emotional responses. To achieve this sentiment, body postures and extremities are exaggerated to stress a whole range of emotions. I explore the uncomfortable and awkward, quiet and internal moments; feelings of vulnerability, fatigue, emptiness, serenity, and bereavement. My intent is to expose the fragility of the human psyche and uncover a nonverbal language between viewer and the piece that is naturally understood.

My work is not targeted to a specific audience. I focus on the female figure, as it comes more naturally and free to me. The resulting figurative forms document and mirror human experiences which the viewer may relate to as their own. Through observation of others, and above all my own experiences and feelings, I am able to capture these fleeting, universal emotions that we all go through and understand.

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